Commonly Asked Questions About Auto Body Repair

Q:  What is the cost to me?

A:  If your insurance company pays for the repair, your only out of pocket cost will be your insurance deductible plus any betterment allocated by the insurance company.  If another driver's insurance company assumes liability, you will have no out of pocket expenses unless a betterment charge results from the insurance review.


Q:  Will my car be like it was before the accident?

A:   We are a Quality 1st Shop.  Our technician's decades of experience includes certifications from the I-CAR, Brewco, Kansas Jack and Unibody collision repair programs.  Our paint technicians are certified to use Glasurit Paints, which is the finest hi-tech refinishing system available.  A non-transferable lifetime limited warranty is offered on our work.


Q:  How long will the repair take?

A:   We will give you an estimate on the extent of damage and how long it will take to repair it. 


Q:  How long have you been in business?

A:   Manning's Paint & Body Shop is a family-owned business that has been in business over 25 years.  We provide friendly professional service in a timely manner.  We moved to this facility in 2003 and fitted it with the most efficient modern technology available.


Q:  How many estimates are required?

A:   The number of estimates you get are your decision. Where you have your auto repaired is also your choice. 


Who authorizes repairs?

QA:   You do!  It's your automobile and you have full authority to authorize repairs, not your insurance company or its representatives.


Q:  Can I start the repair process now?

A:   YES!  We can help you by scheduling your repairs immediately.